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Proyectos constructivos en el complejo

En nuestro complejo, se están desarrollando nuevos proyectos constructivos y tecnológicos. Estos forman parte de nuestras continuas iniciativas para mejorar los cuidados de los pacientes en Zuckerberg San Francisco General.

Zuckerberg San Francisco General is home to more than 125 years of health care architecture. Our campus facilities range from historic brick buildings constructed in 1887 and 1915, to our new inpatient hospital built in 2016. Our latest construction projects are funded through the city’s 2016 Public Health and Safety Bond.

The work will include a seismic retrofit of the 1976 concrete hospital facility, known as Building 5. For the retrofit, the building’s structural components will be reinforced to improve its seismic performance in a major earthquake.

Exciting renovations in Building 5 will relocate some clinical outpatient services from older buildings that may not perform as well during an earthquake. Ultimately, the moves will combine our clinical services into a safer, modernized building.