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In the News Employee Celebration 2022

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Employee Celebration 2022

Executive Administrator’s Awards


Bilal Chaney

Bilal has been a friendly face in Radiology for more than 30 years and is a champion for diversity efforts on our campus. He is kind, welcoming, and very constructive. He is persistent and persuasive and has a welcome smile for everyone he greets. Over the years, Bilal has supported our staff and patients, bringing in new programs and has taken on many roles in his position as Department of Equity and Inclusion Lead for Radiology. With his guidance, the Radiology Department is consistently supporting equity at ZSFG.

The Equity Council recently said about Bilal: “Bilal has served on the Equity Council since its inception in 2017, providing a thoughtful, passionate perspective on how to advance equity at ZSFG.”

And, in the words of our Radiology DEI Chair Vishal Kumar MD: “I have known Bilal Chaney since 2015. I have seen his commitment and dedication to outreach, advocacy, and equity. His reach across the institution is immense, and our department would not be the same without him.”

And from Mary McGinty, “Bilal is an awesome coworker and friend. Bilal is very welcoming to all patients and will go out of his way to make sure their needs are met. He is definitely a patient advocate. Bilal is truly amazing and definitely an excellent example of an employee who understands ZSFG’s mission to provide quality, equitable, and compassionate care to all.”

Let’s see a round of applause for Bilal!


Dr. Paul Garcia

Dr. Garcia has been with the Department of Neurology and ZSFG for more than 30 years. A nationally recognized neurologist, he is the director of the Clinical Epilepsy Services at UCSF Medical Center. His university service is focused on assuring opportunity for students and faculty across the campus. He is the go-to person for complex seizures and there are many patients who have benefitted from his expertise. Recently, he was highlighted in a news story about his clinical acumen. A woman who was contemplating suicide was brought to ZSFG for evaluation. When she reported her symptoms, Dr. Garcia happened to be on call over the weekend and diagnosed her rare neurologic disorder. Needless to say, her life took a major change in a positive direction after her encounter with Dr. Garcia. He is a humble, hard-working, and kind person. Dr. Garcia’s tremendous leadership and commitment to ZSFG assures, year after year, that our Neurology Service continues to bring world-class medical care to those who need it most.

Celebrating 45 Years of Service at ZSFG


Cedric Smith

Cedric is the storekeeper with our Materials Management team where they receive most of the medical supplies for the hospital. His team delivers supplies to the units, stock supplies on the units and receives deliveries into the hospital. He also helps hospital staff with their orders.


Dr. Ricardo F. Muñoz, Ph.D

Dr. Muñoz has dedicated a majority of his career at ZSFG with the Psychology Team, serving the Spanish-speaking community and the Mission District – a community he grew up in since he immigrated from Perú when he was ten years old.

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