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Visitation Guidelines Last updated 9/13/23

Call 911 If You Have a Medical Emergency.

Or go to your nearest emergency room.

The visitation guidelines below apply to all visitors including and not limited to: City and County of SF, UCSF, and first responder / emergency personnel, volunteers, and students.

Our team is taking special precautions to keep you and your loved one safe while at ZSFG. These guidelines can change as the status of COVID-19 changes in our community. To keep everyone safe, masking is still required for all patients, staff and visitors in all areas where patients are present.

Download Visitation Guidelines (updated 9/13/23)

Changes to Visitation and Screening
(See PDF)

  • Visitor In-person screening in the lobbies has ended. Visitors are to self-screen using the symptom screening poster.
  • The Emergency Department has welcomed visitors back. One visitor for adult patients and two visitors for pediatric patients are allowed.
  • Outpatient visitation continues to be limited to compassionate exceptions due to waiting room capacity limits. This will be reassessed in the coming months.
  • Visitors will need to check in at the lobby and present a photo ID.

Outpatient Visitation

Visitors are not permitted. Compassionate exceptions apply.

Inpatient Visitation

Visiting Hours:
Monday-Sunday 10:00am – 8:00pm
No overnight visits.

General & ICU: May have four healthy visitors at a time.
Psychiatry: Visitation may be arranged with treatment team.

Emergency Department Visitation

  • One healthy visitor per adult patient.
  • Two healthy visitors per pediatric patient.

Skilled Nursing Visitation – 4A

Visitation is permitted seven days a week from 10:00am – 8:00pm. Maximum of two healthy visitors per resident per day.

Patient and Loved One Support

We understand the importance of social connections and healing.
To stay connected with your loved one, we have support programs in place.
For questions, call The Office of Patient Experience (628) 206-5176.

Spiritual Care

We are here for you and your loved one in these times of emotional stress. Please let a member of the healthcare team know if you and/or the patient would like a phone call from our spiritual care team.

Meet My Loved One

Although you may be unable to be with your loved one, we want to provide personalized, supportive, and compassionate care for them as if you were at the bedside. You can complete the “Meet My Loved One” questionnaire to share what you want us to know about the patient and their needs. For a copy, ask the Patient Experience team in the main lobby.

Healing and Encouragement Notes for Patients

If you wish to send the patient a note or a photo that can be posted in their room, we will make sure it gets to your loved one. Please send the photo or note as an email to and include your contact information along with the patient’s name.

Call 911 If You Have a Medical Emergency.

Or go to your nearest emergency room.